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No. 51/XI/August 17-23, 2011

  No. 51/XI/August 17-23, 2011  

Cover Story
Freedom’s Leading Light
Sukarno, the nation’s first president, acknowledged that Haji Oemar Said Tjokroaminoto changed his life around. He was not only Sukarno’s father-in-law, he was also his political guru and of other independence movement leaders, such as Semaoen, Musso, Alimin and Kartosoewirjo. But in the end, the mentor of our founding fathers stood alone, when his pupils and protégés chose to go their separate—and often, opposing—ways. Tempo traces the life and times of Tjokroaminoto, whom the Dutch colonial authorities dubbed the local ‘king without a crown.’

Tjokro Fever
The Twilight of Boedi Oetomo
The Laweyan Rebellion
Keeping Faith with Leftist Islam
Savior of the Sarekat Islam
Losing to the Lure of Guldens
The Life and Times of a Guru
The Rebel from Bakur
The Struggle and Oetoesan Hindia
The Rise to the Top
Tjokro’s Tracks in Ahmadiyah
The Man in Black
A Political School at Peneleh
Deference and Defiance
The Zigzag Path
Takashi Shiraishi: Tjokro created the standard for movements
The Uncrowned King

Economy and Business
Guaranteed Graft
Investment deviations by PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia are causing casualties. The old board of directors has been revamped and some are expected to be made corruption suspects.

Partnership Dipasena’s Messy Divorce

Koran Tempo Online

Bringing Back Umar Patek
Fugitive Umar Patek is finally returned. Instead of terrorism charges, he will face indictments for murder and possession of firearms.

The War Trainer from Camp Hudaibiyah
Restraining Orders
Prison Tributes

Recovering the Hidden Treasurer
Nazaruddin was arrested in Colombia after disappearing on a chartered jet. FBI agents assisted in tracking down the former Democrat Party treasurer. Police are still tracing the roles of those who arranged his much-publicized flight.

Washed Up on the Caribbean Coast
Political Rendition by the Book
Return of the ‘Shopaholic’


The Grace Heritage


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