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"TEMPO is the standard of journalistic excellence by which other publications are measured, and found wanting. Our commitment to balanced views, and reporting the truth remains as true today, as it was in 1971".

The name "TEMPO", by definition unwittingly appropriate, has set a standard and pace, by which other publications would be measured. TEMPO is today, the proverbial yardstick emulated by all, unrivalled by none.

TEMPO first edition was first released in March 1971. Tempo’s first issue took an approach, unheard of during those trying times: journalistic independence. Tempo was the first publication in Indonesia with out any political affiliation. The first issue marked the beginning of Tempo’s long mission to awaken consciousness, long intoxicated by the media of the repressive regime.

Its firmness to defend the independence of journalism has made TEMPO a legend and has become an icon in the Indonesian Press Industry. It is one of the eldest media in South East Asia. Banned in 1982 and 1994, TEMPO did not stop speaking out and have become one of the vehicles of Press Freedom that Indonesia is enjoying today.

As the oldest news magazine in the country, TEMPO has proven its resilience. TEMPO went back on stage in October 1998 proving its independence and its authoritative voice. In the course of the years TEMPO unwittingly has become legendary. Nevertheless, it is never a legend. It is a reality

Putting together the decades – old - experiences and the energy of the young hopeful, TEMPO does not simply regain its leading position among the competing and mushrooming newsmagazines. TEMPO happily takes the trouble to maintain the loyalty of its old readers and win the hearts of its new ones -- coming mainly from the emerging urban middle class, those who are economically well off, well educated, and are expected to keep the country always on the move.

At present Tempo continues to serve the public with honest and precise information they need. The information service borne from Tempo with each new edition thus have become and integral part of Indonesian readers.


TEMPO returned into circulation in October 6, 1998. However, market dynamics had changed significantly since 1994. And therefore, TEMPO will continue to explore every viable opportunity for innovation.

The new Indonesia embraced the rebirth of TEMPO enthusiastically. From its first edition, TEMPO regained its previous position as the leading weekly newsmagazine. This was despite the fact that now there are at least six competitors, previously not in the market before the closure of TEMPO on June 21, 1994. Currently, less than two years after its publication, the magazine has cornered almost 60% of the market.

The need to create new products along its core expertise is becoming a necessity. The launching of the TEMPO English edition on September 12, 2000, was designed to increase the magazine’s penetration to the global markets. And on April 2, 2001, TEMPO launched a Daily Newspaper called KORAN TEMPO.


TEMPO also has anticipated the growing importance of the Internet. TEMPO INTERACTIVE was among the pioneers of on-line publication services in Indonesia.

Tempo Interactive was born a few months after the government forcefully shut Tempo magazine in 1994. Tempo magazine was banned while on active duty in serving the public. At present Tempo Interactive has expanded to English and Japanese versions that are basically different from the TEMPO print copies. TEMPO INTERACTIVE offers breaking news updated regularly as the news it happens. TEMPO magazine and KORAN TEMPO has both the print copy and the on line versions. Other TEMPO services include Tempo News Room, TEMPO Center for research and Analysis (PDAT), and other family of websites like: Edunet, Kliniknet, Tempo Estore, and Restonet.

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